Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding

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I’m moving in about two months and I’m feeling like it’s time to switch up my bedding. Right now I have just a white duvet filler on my bed because I used to have a gorgeous duvet from Lands End (that ended up bleeding all over my clothes when I washed it) but having plain white bedding is really difficult to keep clean. My OCD can’t handle being able to see all this dirt all the time (I say this as I’m eating gluten free Oreos in bed) so I’ve started shopping for some new bedding options. We all know I have quite a “preppy” sense of style so I’m searching out a few preppy bedding options that aren’t extraordinarily priced and I think I’ve found some good options!

Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding

Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding

Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding

Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding
// My pick is going to be this Hotel Navy and White 3 Piece Duvet Set from Amazon for $65 – it’s navy blue and white and has the classic look to it. I also like that it’s more navy blue than white so you can’t see when I get Oreo dust on my covers…

// PB Teen sells a navy blue border duvet cover and matching monogrammed shams set and I swear, I’ve seen this all over Pinterest! If there’s a preppy bedding option, this is the one.

// Love, love, love this gingham duvet cover from Serena and Lily. It’s a little more on the expensive side but it’s such a classic style and is the perfect way to complete a nautical/preppy bedroom.

// I also considered getting this wide-striped navy blue duvet cover from Amazon but ultimately decided to go with the border design rather than stripes. It has a good nautical feel though, and I might pick it up for next summer!

Can I just say, I’m so excited to move, now! Getting all of my shopping done is a little exhausting but I can’t wait to basically redecorate my life in two months. You can’t have enough pineapples, navy blue or white marble in your life! Click here to check out even more classic bedroom inspiration on Shutterfly and thank you to them for featuring A Thing of Beauty!

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