The Three BEST Skinny Summer Recipes

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I don’t know about you but I love light, fresh recipes during summertime. During winter I eat a lot of heavy soups and warm meals but when summer hits, all I want is light, fresh and absolutely delicious! I’ve rounded up a few of my absolutely favorite and very easy skinny summer recipes that make for a great lunch or dinner and are easy to modify for a family or just cooking for one. And of course, what fresh and light meal isn’t complete without half a glass of white wine? None! Read ahead for my selection of recipes you need to try this week:

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The Summer Pineapple Obsession

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Guys. My pineapple obsession is a little bit out of control. Just a little bit. It’s to the point where anytime my friends go to Target or Old Navy (pineapple heavens) they text me pictures and bring me back all their pineapple finds! I have candle holders, water bottles, big metal pineapples that have no purpose other than to be a big metal pineapple, you name it! Adam has to “chaperone” me when I go to Target now to make sure I don’t come back with a cart full of random things. So, in honor of summer and my little summer pineapple obsession, here are a few items that are on my wish list!

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Five Bonfire Hacks to Try This Weekend

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Who’s ready to bonfire?! I’ve already done a record of three bonfires this summer and it’s only June! I live for summertime s’mores, there’s just something so satisfying about the perfectly-roasted marshmallow, situated between a delicious square of chocolate and the finishing crunchy graham cracker. Like I said, nothing beats a bonfire s’more! I’ve been trying out a few bonfire hacks to take my get-togethers to the next level because of course, it wouldn’t be a bonfire at my place if I wasn’t trying to go over the top!

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Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Want “Anything”

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Every single year we ask my Dad what he wants for Father’s Day and his answer is always…”nothing”. But you can’t just get your Dad nothing for Father’s Day so I start searching endlessly for the perfect gift with little to nothing to go on! I was able to hit a couple of home runs in the last few years with my gifts so here’s my guide to the perfect gifts to give the dad who doesn’t want anything – trust me, one of these will be a hit!

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Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding

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I’m moving in about two months and I’m feeling like it’s time to switch up my bedding. Right now I have just a white duvet filler on my bed because I used to have a gorgeous duvet from Lands End (that ended up bleeding all over my clothes when I washed it) but having plain white bedding is really difficult to keep clean. My OCD can’t handle being able to see all this dirt all the time (I say this as I’m eating gluten free Oreos in bed) so I’ve started shopping for some new bedding options. We all know I have quite a “preppy” sense of style so I’m searching out a few preppy bedding options that aren’t extraordinarily priced and I think I’ve found some good options!

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The Easiest Summer Skincare Routine – Ever

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The hot weather that is finally hitting Michigan means it time for one thing – the outdoors! After being locked in the house all winter long I’m ready to break out that new swimsuit and hit the beach, the park, the hiking trails, or whatever the summer activity of the week it is! One of the things I try to do at least once a month during summertime is catch an outdoor concert. There’s something so relaxing about chilling on the lawn (mainly because the tickets are dirt cheap), enjoying a hot pretzel and listening to some good music. Outdoor concerts are a little bit trickier for me to prep for though because they start in the evening but go on as the night gets cooler, and I want to up my beauty game but not look overdone. It’s a fine balance between skincare and makeup! I’m sharing how I get prepped for my favorite summer outdoor concerts with my secret to how I look good: the easiest summer skincare routine, ever.

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Brunch-Approved Citrus and Brie Grilled Cheese

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You know what they say, ladies who brunch together, stay together! I am a huge fan of brunch, and in more ways than one. It’s something I’ve made a weekly routine of with my friends or with my family because it’s a great way not only to keep in touch but to relax, sit back, and enjoy some pancakes! When I’m not going out for brunch I’m cooking it at home and boy, is it an adventure. I love to go really extravagant and flavorful with my foods but I decided to switch it up and start serving new Aquafina Sparkling Waters – they’re flavorful, 0 calories, 0 sugars, 0 artificial flavors, and make for a perfect budget-friendly pairing with my brunch-approved citrus and brie grilled cheese, inspired by one of the Aquafina flavors!

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Where to Find Cute and Modest Swimsuits on a Budget

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I have some ah-mazing trips planned for the next few weeks, making this the summer to remember! Last year I only got to take one weekend trip so I’m taking full advantage of a new year, new me, and a new swimsuit to get outside and see the best of what Michigan has. I did not own a swimsuit before a couple of weeks ago, and that’s for a variety of reasons. I always had a difficult time shopping for one and I get very body-conscious when I think about putting on a bikini. I have a massive scar on my back from a spinal fusion six years ago and I have bad gluten sensitivity so my stomach tends to balloon when I eat. But, I decided not to let that hold me back this summer and started shopping for some adorable, but comfortable and modest swimsuits!

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Weekly Recap, Giveaway Winner and My Trip to Holland

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Why is it that whenever you get back from traveling, life gets absolutely crazy? It just makes me wish I had stayed away! It’s been challenging to keep up blogging over the past few weeks but that’s life when you have a full-time job, a social life and a blogging life. I was fortunate enough to be able to squeeze in a quick trip to Holland last weekend to visit a few friends of the BF and I cannot say enough how wonderful it was! It was just what I needed to get away, walk the shoreline and smell all the tulips for a weekend. If you’re ever looking for a quiet vacation in Michigan, a trip to Holland is always my top place I recommend. It’s the perfect combination of good food, shopping and water. And, I found plenty of good gluten-free food which made me a happy traveler!

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Five Hacks to Make Your Tiny Closet Feel Bigger

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Happy Monday! Raise your hand if you went shopping this weekend…and didn’t have any space in your closet to fit in those new clothes – that was totally me! I walked into my closet after I went Mother’s Day shopping (I caved and bought a few new PJ sets for myself) and realized that I am literally drowning in clothes. So, I cleaned out three big bags of clothes I plan to donate, but I realized that I barely had space for the clothes I had left. I blame my ridiculously tiny closet. So I moved some things around, bought some new space savers and voila, I have an almost brand new closet with just a few simple hacks!

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