How to Pack for NYC in the Winter

January 22, 2018Kelly Baum

Happy Monday, friends! I’m jetting off to NYC for a work photography & film assignment in a few days and let me tell you, packing has been a real challenge. It’s winter, but it’s going to be over 50 degrees and raining one day, and snowing the next. How on earth am I supposed to pack for NYC with this going on! Here’s how I’ve broken down my carry-on for success preparing for anything that can possible happen!

How to Pack for NYC in the Winter
How to Pack for NYC in the Winter
How to Pack for NYC in the Winter

Tip for Success #1: Layer, layer, and layer some more

It’s going to be about the same weather as when I was in the city last October and what worked for me was layering. I didn’t wear a huge winter coat because then I would get too overheated when I was in the shops and museums. Instead, I packed a light sweater, my rain-proof trench coat (god bless whoever invented this) and then my massive blanket scarf, which I can take off and put in my tote bag when I’m starting to get hot.

Tip for Success #2: Bring your boots, and they better be ready for some walking

The key to surviving New York in the fall/winter is boots, always boots. I brought my Hunters for my last trip and I just picked up a pair of cheap riding boots for this week. That way, I can keep my feet warm, look cute, and if they get destroyed with salt there’ll be nothing to cry over because I only spent $28 on them to begin with.

Tip for Success #3: Roll your clothes and you’ll fit a whole additional outfit option

When I finally have all my outfits picked out, I fold and then roll my clothes that are going into my suitcase. Trust me, this is a magical AF method that you’ll definitely want to try on your next trip! Not only does this keep everything from becoming a wrinkled mess, but, it cuts down on the amount of space your clothes need. Usually, at the end, I can fit in a whole additional outfit, just in case a wardrobe change is needed!

So wish me luck on my trip! Also, if you have any recommendations on what to do during my downtime in the city, leave them in the comments below ✈️

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    August 8, 2018 at 6:58 am

    I love rolling my clothes, it keeps them intact as well as lends good amount of space. Great blog, I’m reading through your topics 🙂

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