Weekend Recap – July 24

The One Where Kelly Chopped Off All Her Hair –

Happy Monday! I’m two cups of coffee into the start of the week and fingers crossed it’s a good one. Real life has gotten a little bit too much lately, hence the lack of solid posts for the past few weeks. I woke up Saturday morning, decided I’d had enough and started making some changes this weekend. I cleared out useless apps on my phone, finally organized them into folders and downloaded a palm leaf print Lilly Pulitzer background wallpaper. I decided I’d had enough of my hair getting caught in car doors and went and got 5 inches cut at the salon. Those shoes I’ve been lusting for at Target for forever? I stopped by and they had one last pair left in my size. It’s the little things in life, but small, manageable change can make a world of difference sometimes.

Weekend Recap – July 24

Weekend Recap - July 24

// The before and after of my very impulsive decision to chop off my hair. It was starting to get to be too much hair to handle so I handed the stylist a photo of the very on-trend wavy lob style and said “go to town”. My hair still has a little too much body and volume for my taste but hey, I just cut off five inches so one step at a time!

// My other impulsive trip to Target was to pick up a pair of these Gucci knock-off loafers. They are absolutely as pretty as they look in pictures and a full review is coming later this week.

// A new season of Madam Secretary was just added to Netflix and I’m obsessed. It’s easily one of my most-favorite tv shows and it’s a great mix of drama and politics. Perfect for Friday nights alone with a glass of wine and a pint of ice cream!

// This weekend I’m baking up a delicious apple pie – I know it’s not fall yet, but I’m already getting in the mood for spice, falling leaves and pullovers! I am 100% ready for this warm weather to be done and over with, not soon enough.


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