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Happy Saturday before Easter! I don’t celebrate Easter all that much usually but there’s something about the first few days of spring that I just love. Of course, this year in Michigan, the day before Easter is 80+ degrees outside but at least we know for sure the snow is done for the season! Life has gotten unbelievably busy lately, so there’s been a slow down of posting lately, but hopefully things will settle down soon. Even though I’m not in school anymore I still feel like March/April is one of the busiest times of the year! Also, don’t forget to enter in this month’s giveaway to win a gift card to Nordstrom – enter before midnight EST tonight!

Weekly Recap + Links I Love and Coffee Chat

Weekly Recap + Links I Love and Coffee Chat
// If you’re planning any upcoming trips, this is THE post for you – my ultimate guide to vacation prep include my top five hacks to packing and prepping in no time at all. Plus, I bought the most adorable weekend bag ever for this post, it’s a total steal at only $50!

// Time for coffee chat this week: I’m obsessed with Donut House Boston Cream Coffee – a lot of the “donut” coffee I’ve tried doesn’t have a strong donut taste to it but this is the exception because it tastes just just like my favorite Boston Cream donuts. If you’re anything of a donut coffee fan, definitely order a box of these from Amazon, well-worth a try!

// Blogger love this week goes to Lauren from DC Girl in Pearls – she just did a post on her Trader Joe’s essentials and girl, I totally get you! I am one of Trader Joe’s biggest fans and she’s convinced me to try the Tzatziki cucumber dip next time. I’m convinced we have almost the exact same sense of style and her blog is definitely at the top of my weekly reading list!

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