Sweatproof Beauty Essentials

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Maybe it’s just me, but it sure did feel like summer in Michigan last weekend! I was of course, completely unprepared and discovered I only have one pair of shorts left for some reason, so a shopping trip is definitely in order. I also was unprepared in the beauty department – I forgot how much my routine changes for hot weather but there are a few favorites I rediscovered that are my ultimate, sweatproof beauty essentials.

Sweatproof Beauty Essentials

Sweatproof Beauty Essentials

Sweatproof Beauty Essentials


// EOS Lip Balm – This is my number one go-to every summer. I’m really picky about my lip balms, they can’t be too greasy or moisturizing, otherwise they just melt and get really messy in the hot weather. I always have good luck with my EOS though, and they have the best fruity flavors!

// L’Oreal Infallible Make Extender Setting Spray – I do not leave the house without a quick spritz of this! If you don’t want your makeup to just slide right off, a setting spray is basically a hairspray for your face to keep it all from melting off the moment you step outside.

// Artis Palm Brush – I never thought about using a “brush” to apply my base makeup but this little guy is a game changer. It take buffing to the next level and I use this to apply my BB cream, concealer, powder and blush and really get a seamless, buffed finish.

// Secret Clear Gel in Citrus Breeze – We’ve all been there after a workout or even a vigorous shopping session if you’re anything like me, and this clear gel antiperspirant is a life saver. It’s so much more effective than standard sticks and the gel leaves little to no marks!

// Anastasia Clear Brow Gel – My eyebrows are usually the first to go in the heat because I use a wax/powder hybrid to fill in gaps. I’ve been using this clear brow gel from Anastasia for over a year now and it does a really good job of keeping everything in place for longer.

Do you have any good sweatproof beauty essentials for summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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