Three Easy Sorority Gift Basket Ideas

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I’m only five months into the alumna life and while I miss my sisters like crazy, it’s also nice to be able to sleep in until noon on a Saturday and not miss an event! I also don’t miss the hectic few weeks leading up to Big/Little reveals or holiday parties because my house turned upside down with glitter, letters and basically half of a JoAnn Fabrics store. Getting the right gifts together can be tricky, especially if you’re already stressed and exhausted from school so here’s my breakdown of three easy sorority gift basket ideas: for the Kate Spade girl, the Lilly girl, and the white marble girl. Enjoy and happy crafting!

Three Easy Sorority Gift Basket Ideas

Before I get started, if you need any additional gifts or basket fillers, check out my sorority crafts board on Pinterest – so many goodies in there!


Sorority Gifts1


The basket: a big Kate Spade store shopping bag (from a previous purchase 😉 or a wooden crate spray painted gold

The goods: tumbler or water bottle, notebook, coin holder, and an official Kate Spade book. Throw in a few gold glitter polishes and a gift card for pizzazz!


Sorority Gifts2


The basket: Lilly Pulitzer Market Bag – affordable and practical

The goods: tumbler, key chain holder, cooler (I need one!), acrylic glasses, patterned ear buds


Sorority Gifts3


The basket: a big black gift bag, because what compliments white marble better than classic black?

The goods: Swell white marble water bottle (#GOALS.), white marble and rose gold earbuds, white marble journal, white marble phone case

I realize that some of these gift ideas are getting a little pricey so if you’re into doing more craft-type gifts, check out my blog post, the Big List of Sorority Crafts and Gifts for tons of budget-friendly ideas!


Three Easy Sorority Gift Basket Ideas

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