Last Minute Summer Bucket List Ideas

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Can you believe it’s already August? Where did this summer go? I feel like at the start of every summer, I dream up these elaborate plans of how I’m going to have the best summer ever and…before I know it, it’s already August and I’ve only checked off two things from my list! If I could have done one amazing thing this summer it would have been a week long trip to England, hands down. As an Anglophile and fake British person (it’s a real thing, okay), getting the chance to stroll around London is one of my top five bucket list items, but sadly not happening again this summer. I swear, adulting is weird. You finally have money to do things from your childhood dreams, but there’s always a reason not to do it: I have to work, or I’m saving up for a house, or I don’t have a passport…maybe next summer, then! But, here’s a few last minute summer bucket list ideas for 2016 to help you make the most of what’s left this summer.

Last Minute Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. Redecorate your bedroom like your ideal home Pinterest board (already did this at the start of the summer!)
2. Read both of Mindy Kaling’s books (I seriously can’t recommend these enough. If you’re a twenty-something female, you need these in your life!)
3. Spend your whole day watching as many Harry Potter movies as you can with friends
4. Do something that’s out of your comfort zone – take a trip, go to that bar you’ve always wanted to go to, do anything that’s not “you” for a day!
5. Take a spontaneous weekend trip. Book a flight, fly out Friday night and come back Sunday evening. There’s so much you could do in NY or Boston in under two days!
6. Make a fun DIY project. JoAnn’s is the ultimate inspiration but don’t get too carried away like I do…I’m not talented to sew a shift dress even though I always find the perfect fabric in there!
7. Inspire someone. Take a Saturday to volunteer or share something on social media that will impact just one person.

I’m really hoping to take one more quick trip this month, but we shall see! It’s crazy that summer is almost over though, but let’s be real, I cannot wait for fall to start!

Last Minute Summer Bucket List Ideas

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite thing you’ve checked off your bucket list this summer?

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