July 2016 Blog Income and Traffic Stats

August 2, 2016Kelly Baum

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What a month July was! It’s really hard to believe that summer is almost over now but I am so excited for fall to get here. Mainly so the cooling bill in my apartment will go down…but also for the amazing fall posts that I’m starting to prepare for! Plus, I am so ready to trade in my tank tops for cable knit sweaters and my iced tea for pumpkin spice lattes…Fall, here I come! But for now, here’s my monthly breakdown of my July 2016 blog income and traffic stats – A Thing of Beauty has really come a long way this year and this month is the best I’ve ever done, by far!

July 2016 Blog Income and Traffic Stats

Here’s a run down of my traffic stats in July:

Visits – 13,110                              Pageviews – 14,238

I worked really hard on a sponsored post this month and it was SO rewarding to find out that it was chosen for a Facebook promo! This helped my stats a lot this month and it just goes to show that you should always put 110% effort into every post because you never know what will happen!


Top three viewed posts:

Best Summer Healthy Pasta Salad
The Big List of Cheap Sorority Crafts and Gifts
Essie Nail Polish in Neo Whimsical Review

My pasts salad post was the one that was chosen for a Facebook promotion and I’m incredibly happy with how it all turned out! And the recipe was seriously delicious, too!


Total income for July 2016:

Sponsored blog posts: $800
Affiliate links: $0
Advertising: $0

Web hosting renewal: $95.88

This was a really good month! But don’t be completely fooled because several late payments finally came through this month, which helped to boost my final payout.


Things I learned this month: hard work pays off. Pushing through and putting the extra work even though you don’t want to make a world of difference in blogging! Also, I finally figured out the proper aperture settings on my Nikon this month which is a big help in my photos.


Tips for other bloggers: if you’re looking to get picked up for ad promotions on sponsored campaigns you need to up your photography skills. Start using Photoshop or Picmonkey if you aren’t already and really learn how to properly use your DSLR to get sharp, well-composed photos. Think about a general style of photo for your blog, too. Notice how all of my pins per post follow the same design, and most of my header images are on the same three backgrounds with similar compositions.


Goals for August: to introduce more food posts. I’ve had a lot of success with the last two that I’ve posted and I think it’s time to take this blog from being just a beauty blog, to being a “healthy and beautiful lifestyle” blog so I can start incorporating a greater variety of posts.


July 2016 Blog Income and Traffic Stats
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Overall, July was an A+ month for A Thing of Beauty! I’d love to know, what’s your blogging goal for August? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,
Kelly xoxo

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    Monica P

    August 2, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Good job! Love reading about your success!!


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