Guest Post! Newspaper Nails from Bellezza!

September 7, 2012Kelly Baum

Today’s guest post is from Naomi at Bellezza!

Hello beautiful! This is my first guest post and I’m super excited to share with you these simple newspaper nails. Here’s a simple tutorial so you can get this beautiful design for yourself.

Here’s what you will need: Newspaper prints (words or cartoons), acetone, painter’s palette, base colour, and top coat.

Start off with your base coat colour. I’m using two coats of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss from the Safari Collection. You want a neutral colour to contrast against the black print of the newspaper but of course play around with different colours as your base.

Next pour some of your acetone into a well of the painter’s palette. Cut some of your newspaper prints into small sizes to fit over your nail beds. Drop the prints into the acetone well and let it soak completely. Remove from the well and let the excess acetone drip off. Apply directly over the nail bed and press down on the print for about 10 seconds. My nail beds are a bit curved so make sure you fully press down all over the nail bed to ensure the image transfers onto the entire nail.

It’s that simple. Clean up any excess polish or black print transfer and complete your manicure with your favourite top coat.  Have some fun with your newspaper nails by adding a coloured cartoon as an accent nail.

Try changing up the base coat colour and the type of words or images from your newspaper clipping for a whole new world of newspaper nail art fun!
Happy Newspaper Nails!

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