elf Essentials Concealer Brush

August 29, 2011Kelly Baum
My new holy grail brush!
Although this is your typical small concealer brush, I love this because it’s only $1 and easily found at Target. It’s a synthetic brush, which it great because it works well with so many products. What I really love is the multi-purpose points of this brush. It’s perfect for pinpoint concealing, running shadow along the bottom lashline, applying eyeliner, and applying lipstick! The bristles are thick and dense, which really made this brush stand out.
The Pros:
I pretty much just listed them above <3
The Cons:
The Bottom Line
No shedding, the brush feels solid, it can do so much, and it’s only $1. I’m running out as soon as possible to grab some more! I’d highly recommend it!

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