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Founded in April 2011 by Kelly Baum, A Thing of Beauty is not just a blog but a community dedicated to inspiring healthy and beautiful lifestyles. A Thing of Beauty has grown over five years through the love of dedicated readers and business opportunities that are always coming through the door.

A Thing of Beauty is read by an audience of followers across eight social networks with a global base of over 4,000 readers. It celebrates the beauty we have the power to create & the beauty that exists within. We aim to educate and empower every reader to share their beauty and creativity in their everyday lives through a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

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You’ll find a variety of posts ranging from beauty tips to fashion OOTD’s to lifestyle DIY’s. Here’s a few of my favorite posts to start off with:

Essie Nail Polish in Neo Whimsical Review <– still my favorite nail polish!
DIY Sailboat Decor
OOTD Puffer Vest Obsession

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If you’d like to get involved with A Thing of Beauty, I offer several options for sponsored posts and you’re always welcome to send products for review. Please keep in mind that while I would love to discuss a business opportunity, I do not work on free content for a site or brand without a sponsored rate arrangement. Still interested? Please send me an email at¬†because I would love to work with you!