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Looking at your makeup today and saying “NAILED IT”? Join me & the rest of the A Thing of Beauty tribe while I put products to the test, complain about how difficult winged eyeliner is, and share my love of red lipsticks. It’s time to blush off the haters and embrace beauty that makes us feel beautiful – inside and out!

  • Sephora Mineral Loose Powder Foundation, Review

    Sephora Mineral Loose Powder Foundation, Review

    April 12, 2011 Kelly Baum

     // not sponsored.  I had been eying this online for quite a while, and while at my local Sephora I just had to pick one up! I’ve been meaning to try out a loose powder foundation for a while now because I was curious if I could get good coverage without a liquid foundation. They carry several powders but I chose the Sephora Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in the shade Light 15 which was the closest to my skintone without going too orange…

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