Welcome, Beautiful!

Looking at your makeup today and saying “NAILED IT”? Join me & the rest of the A Thing of Beauty tribe while I put products to the test, complain about how difficult winged eyeliner is, and share my love of red lipsticks. It’s time to blush off the haters and embrace beauty that makes us feel beautiful – inside and out!

  • Orly~Honeymoon In Style, Review & Swatch

    June 9, 2011 Kelly Baum

    If you’re looking for a pale, flesh-like pink, then this is for you! It’s super, super sheer, and otherwise probably wouldn’t show up on my nails except for the gorgeous shimmer that’s in this polish. In the sunlight, it’s stunning. My personal favorite thing to do with this polish is to use it as the pink color in a French manicure (or pedicure I guess since it’s on my toes). It really is a beautiful sheer pink! And on French…

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  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick~Peachy Scene, Review & Swatch

    May 27, 2011 Kelly Baum

    I’m not a person who is normally into lipsticks, but since the summer was coming around (or maybe not due to weather in my area), that I would look for a nice coral color. My lips are naturally very, very pigmented so I was skeptical that this would even show up. But actually, my lips are the exact shade of pink I wanted! I got about 3-4 hours before this started to wear off, and it is a bit drying,…

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  • elf Mineral Eyeshadow~Earthy, Swatch

    May 23, 2011 Kelly Baum

    Read my original review here! To go along with the review that I’ve already done on elf’s website, I have some swatches! This is such a lovely green! It has a really beautiful shimmer that is gorgeous in the sunlight! Buy it at eyeslipsface.com

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  • elf Studio Blush~Candid Coral, Review

    May 22, 2011 Kelly Baum

    For $3, these blushes are quite nice. But they have one flaw: since they’re so sheer, they all tend to look the same. So really, you only need to buy one. They’re each a little different, but unfortunately, that little difference won’t show up well on your face. This one, Candid Coral, isn’t really much of a coral color. What it really is, is pink with golden shimmer. The golden shimmer does transfer to the face, so it gives a…

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  • Maybelline Eyeshadow~Cinnamon Spice, Review & Swatch

    May 18, 2011 Kelly Baum

    I’ve actually had this for about a year, and when I first opened it, I hated it. No love for cinnamon spice.  But a few days ago, I found this in the back of my eyes drawer, put it on my eyes, and loved it. It has an effect similar to that of Woodwinked from Mac (I’ve never tried it, I’m just comparing it to pictures that I’ve seen) and it made my eyes pop! The color itself is shimmery…

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