• Things to do in Boston in 48 Hours

    Things to do in Boston in 48 Hours

    December 4, 2018 Kelly Baum

    //not sponsored Crossing one off the bucket list today! Or adding it back to the list, I should say after a weekend in Boston! I’ve fallen in love with the history and lobster and all of the fun things to do in Boston!

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  • How to Conquer NYC in 24 Hours

    How to Conquer NYC in 24 Hours

    January 30, 2018 Kelly Baum

    I just got back from the most amazing work trip to one of the best places on earth…NYC! I had one work day and one PTO day where I had free reign on the city. New York can be a very overwhelming city, especially if it’s your first time going so now that I had already been in October, I had a much better handle on getting my way around and what to do! Here’s my guide to exploring NYC…

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  • How to Pack for NYC in the Winter

    How to Pack for NYC in the Winter

    January 22, 2018 Kelly Baum

    Happy Monday, friends! I’m jetting off to NYC for a work photography & film assignment in a few days and let me tell you, packing has been a real challenge. It’s winter, but it’s going to be over 50 degrees and raining one day, and snowing the next. How on earth am I supposed to pack for NYC with this going on! Here’s how I’ve broken down my carry-on for success preparing for anything that can possible happen!

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  • I Went to NYC for 3 Days and Almost Didn't Come Back!

    I Went to NYC for 3 Days and Almost Didn’t Come Back!

    November 4, 2017 Kelly Baum

    //not sponsored, affiliate links included I just got back this week from a few days in NYC and holy cow, was it an experience! I decided to take a leap of faith this year and book my first airplane trip ever – next stop, LaGuardia airport! I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous to go – traveling with food allergies is never easy, especially when you have seven of them. But it actually was not as difficult as…

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  • Pure Michigan: 60 Seconds in East Tawas, MI

    October 6, 2015 Kelly Baum

    This last weekend I had the lovely opportunity to visit East Tawas, MI for a freelance photoshoot and I took a little time out to explore the area! East Tawas is right on the coast of Lake Huron and even though it was freezing and windy, it was still a beautiful day in Pure Michigan! Here’s a few snapshots and video of the gorgeous beach from my short but well-worth it trip:

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