My Custom Moo Business Cards and Free Templates

//not sponsored, affiliate links included I’ve never owned business cards – crazy, right? As a go-getter graphic designer, you’d think I had a boss lady set of cards but I never really had a need until I started my full time job. I’ve spent the last few weeks hunting around […]

Secrets to an Organized Desk

//not sponsored If you knew me five years ago, you would not recognize me and my cleaning habits! I used to be one of those people who lived in chaos and claimed there was a method to the madness – but ever since I started living on my own, my […]

2017 is Not the Year for Resolutions

// not sponsored – 2 0 1 7 – It feels like 2016 has flown by. I know that everyone says that, but I’m approaching my reflections on 2016 and resolutions a little bit differently. Yes, it sucked in many ways but for me, it was the year that I […]

Holiday Hack: How to Wrap Odd Shaped Gifts

// not sponsored, affiliate links included. Thanks for supporting A Thing of Beauty! It happens every. Single. Year. I buy that one gift that turns out to be an absolute bear to wrap! And if you’re like me and saved your present wrapping until the very last minute, this technique […]

The Ultimate Guide to Gilmore Girls Gifts

//not sponsored, affiliate links included Gilmore Girls day is FINALLY here! I plan to start binge-watching the first season as soon as I get home today (so no spoilers!) with pie and coffee. Let’s be real, that’s the perfect way to spend my last few days before having to go […]