Weekend Recap – September 25

//not sponsored, affiliate links may be included It is hotter than hell in Michigan this week – the leaves are still changing colors but it doesn’t feel like fall when I have to leave the house in shorts and flip flops. Thank goodness the heat is supposed to break later […]

Weekend Recap – September 18

// not sponsored I am happy to say that I survived a Harry Potter bar crawl over the weekend! It’s so important to me that no matter how crazy my life gets, I make time for the occasional afternoon to get out and enjoy life for a bit. Not that […]

Weekend Recap – September 11

//not sponsored, affiliate links included Saturdays are for…studying financial management! I’ll have to admit, these weekend recaps aren’t going to be as fun anymore…because my weekends sadly aren’t all that fun anymore. They’re filled with laundry, flash cards and, let’s be real, wine. It’s definitely been a tough adjustment period […]

Weekend Recap – August 21

I swear, every time I move I swear I’m never doing it again for a long time – and then a year later I end up moving again! I’m in the process of packing up my life and moving 10 minutes away to a new apartment and boy, it is […]

Weekend Recap – July 31

Can you believe it’s already August? July seems to have flown by. Weekends are no exception, they keep getting shorter and shorter as I’m getting busier and busier. I’m spending every moment at home either packing or prepping my furniture. Instead of buying new coffee tables, side tables, dressers, etc., […]