My End of Summer, Navy Blue Tablescape

// not sponsored, affiliate links included I finally unpacked the last of my moving boxes a few weekends ago and I have been so excited to put my life together. I purchased a new dinnerware set months ago to replace my $20 Ikea set that I had been using and […]

I Moved! Here’s How I Decorated a New Home

// not sponsored, affiliate links included I can’t even begin to tell you how stressful August was overall – moving is no small feat, that’s for sure! It was time to find a new crash pad and I ended up moving two cities over to a one bedroom apartment. It’s […]

The Summer Pineapple Obsession

//not sponsored, affiliate links included. Thanks for supporting A Thing of Beauty! Guys. My pineapple obsession is a little bit out of control. Just a little bit. It’s to the point where anytime my friends go to Target or Old Navy (pineapple heavens) they text me pictures and bring me […]

Where to Find the Preppiest of Preppy Bedding

//not sponsored, affiliate links included. I’m moving in about two months and I’m feeling like it’s time to switch up my bedding. Right now I have just a white duvet filler on my bed because I used to have a gorgeous duvet from Lands End (that ended up bleeding all […]

Five Chic First Apartment DIY Projects to Try

//not sponsored, affiliate links included I’m moving into my third apartment soon and because your home girl Kelly likes to stretch her dollar, I’ve been doing some heavy research on DIY’s I can do. I’m losing my roommate so it’s up to me to provide all the decor! Let’s be […]