elf Mineral Eyeshadow~Dreamy, Review & Swatches

elf Mineral Eyeshadow in Dreamy
02 oz-Made in China-$3
This is, in my opinion, one of the best eyeshadows I’ve ever used. In general the elf mineral eyeshadow formula is excellent-the texture is buttery, and the shade itself is so pigmented that you need a pinpoint amount to cover your lid.
This particular shade is no exception!
It’s a beautiful aqua, mid toned blue with multi-colored shimmer added. It starts off as molten metal when you apply it, then it can be beautifully blended if you wish!
The Pros:
The formula is just so high quality for the price. And although .02 oz doesn’t seem like much, I can guarantee you that you won’t need to repurchase soon!
The Cons:
The Bottom Line
From the colors I’ve tried so far, I would say that this line from elf is definitely worth checking out. And if you’re looking for a good blue, this is your shade!

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers~Shimmering Onyx, Review & Swatch

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in 440, Shimmering Onyx
2.5 grams-Made in USA of imported parts-$3.39
This shadow is not a black. It is fairly misleading. It actually turns out to be a dark, dark gray with silver shimmer. This is not a pigmented shadow by any means.
The formula is okay, it’s not as buttery as other shadows I’ve tried from the same line, it’s just average. The pigmentation, however, is disappointing. This shadow looks amazing in the pan, but one you swatch it, you get a streaky gray with a lot of glittery fallout.
The packaging is average too. Nothing too great.
The above swatch is 4 passes of my finger in trying to get something to show up on my hand. And if you blend it out, the color disappears into practically nothing.
The Pros:
I got this for only $0.79.
The Cons:
Nobody wants a half-there gray shadow. I was expecting a black.
The Bottom Line
This was just…a disappointment. If it were more pigmented, I would have loved this a lot more. I tried using this for a smokey eye, and it barely looked like I did anything dark on my eyes at all. You can definitely pass on this shade. 

Maybelline Single Eyeshadow~Silken Taupe, Review & Swatches

Maybelline New York Chic Naturals eyeshadow in 180S, Silken Taupe
0.09 oz.-Made in USA-$3

What does it claim to do?
-Give a pearl finish
-Provide a creaseless finish
To be fair, this shadow was cheap. So I didn’t really expect much from it, considering I had tried the Natural Smokes quad, and wasn’t too impressed. This single is actually really similar to one of the shades in that quad, so if you have the quad, you can skip this.
Actually, you can skip this if you have any frosty taupe. This color is just very basic and not impressive. The texture is okay. The packaging is just average-although, my pan was filled in a sloppy way, which is visible and kind of bothers me.
This is a frost, so you will not get much pigment out of it. It ends up be a wash of shimmer on your eyes. And it from what I’ve used, it is not a creaseless formula. But then again, nothing is.
The Pros:
It is a little bit more opaque and workable when wet.
The Cons:
I feel like this is a basic shadow that you get in countless other palettes. It’s not really something you need, to be honest.
The Bottom Line
This eyeshadow is boring, and I don’t really use it much because of that unfortunately. It would have been nice if it had been a little more opaque, and had some purple undertones in it.

CoverGirl Cheekers Blush~Natural Twinkle, Review & Swatch

CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in 183, Natural Twinkle
3 grams-Made in USA-$4.39

What does it claim to do?
-Sheer, natural color
This is the darkest of the four Cheekers blushes that I bought, as it’s a rosy pink with a hint of brown. There is a small bit of golden shimmer.
I quite like this blush. I think that the texture is nice, and just as it says, the color gives a beautiful rosy, golden glow.
It is one of the more sheer blushes, but it is only supposed to give a glow, and can be built up.
The Pros:
This is a great color to give a good golden glow on fair and light to medium skintones. Any darker than that, and this might not show up.
The Cons:
It smells. Weird. Like rotten peppermints. And it’s strong. So beware(:
The Bottom Line
The smell is a deal breaker for me, unfortunately. It’s just nasty. So if you’re really sensitive to smell, pass on this. My face drawer even smells like this and I only bough the blushes two days ago.


CoverGirl Trublend Mineral Blush~Shimmering Sands, Review & Swatch

Covergirl Trublend Minerals blush in 430, Shimmer Sands
18 g-Made in USA-$9.50

What does it claim to do?
-Provide a “kiss of color”
I picked this up in my haul of the decade and the reason that I did, was because I was intrigued by the size of it. It’s massive! There were four shades I believe, but I may be mistaken because this was one of two left at my RiteAid!
This blush has a really nice texture. It’s smooth and velvety, and very pigmented. The color is a soft color with shimmer.
Included in the package, you also get a small puff with the CG logo on it, but I wouldn’t advise using it with this blush unless you want to have clown cheeks!
Now when you get it on your face, the color isn’t nearly as spectacular as it is in the swatch. It turns out to be quite sheer. It is buildable, I suppose, but even with the small bit I put on, my cheeks looked as shimmery as they needed to be.
The Pros:
If you can get this with a coupon, you get a massive amount for a great price. Also, the color is really nice for giving off a fresh glow.
The Cons:
It can be a bit on the sheer side, and this particular shade won’t show up as well on darker skin tones.
The Bottom Line
It’s a decent product. Not the best blush I’ve used, and not the worst. What this would be good for is if you wanted a soft glow, or if you needed to set a cream blush.

And can I just say, for the record, price stickers kind of suck.

Wet ‘n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment, Review & Swatches

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You know when you keep seeing other beauty bloggers & vloggers using one product and you have to have it? That’s how I feel about Wet ‘n Wild’s Eyeshadows! I’m constantly seeing so much hype about these and I picked up a few trios the other day to try out. I typically go for neutral shades so I picked out their Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment, a beautiful combination of shades that would honestly go great with any skintone and makes for the perfect daily eyeshadow palette!

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Maybelline “The Falsies” Volum’ Express

Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express Washable Mascara, Blackest Black
0.25 fluid oz.-Made in USA-$6.00
What does it claim to do?
  • Give you false lashes
  • 300% more lashes
This is without a doubt, my favorite mascara so far. Everything just works really well with this product-packaging, formula, brush. It’s just an all around good product.
This mascara comes with a curved brush, which is really fantastic for getting all of my lashes evenly coated. I know you can curve pretty much any mascara brush, but the angle that this one in particular is at makes for a beautiful application.
The formula is also really good. It’s not too wet, and it’s not too dry. I found that it didn’t tend to clump up much, and the color is a true black.
The Pros:
The brush and formula are such a fantastic match for this product and my lashes are easily much more curled, blackened, and noticeable.
The Cons:
It does have a funky smell, but all Maybelline products have that.
The Bottom Line
This truly is a great drugstore mascara!

elf Essentials Brightening Eyecolor~Butternut, Review & Swatches

elf Essentials Brightening Eyecolor in Butternut
Made in China
This quad is made up of four colors: a yellow-toned cream, peach, dark plumb taupe, and a dark bronze. All have golden shimmer.
The colors are very nice. For being only $1, they are really pigmented. And they transfer onto the lid beautifully. The only color that isn’t on the same level as the rests is the peach. It’s such a skin-toned color that it isn’t on the same level of pigmentation as the rest.
The Pros:
The pigmentation is really good, the packaging is good, and the best part, it’s only $1!
The Cons:
I did have a bit of a problem with this-when I put it on my eyes, they started burning a few minutes later. So I may have had an allergic reaction with this product. I haven’t read of anyone else having the same problem, so it may have been just a fluke. Also, there are parabens in this product-just a warning.
The Bottom Line
This isn’t perfect, but for only $1, it’s pretty darn good(:

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara in shade 100, Blackest Black
0.43 fluid oz.-Made in USA
Ah, an oldie, and not so much a goodie. I picked this up because it was only $3.24 at Meijer, and since it was deemed to be such a “classic”, I wanted to give it a shot.

What does it claim to do?

  • Condition & thicken lashes
  • Intense black lashes
  • Lash-building brush
  • Washable formula
Well first off, the only good thing I could find about this product is that I really like the pink pacaging. It’s cute, and classic, which I like.

The formula is a wet one, and for that reason, I found that it didn’t properly coat my lashes because of the brush it’s coupled with. They just didn’t mesh. My other big problem is that although this mascara is “washable”, I tested it by running my dry fingers across my lashes in the middle of the day, and they had mascara on them when I looked. Not very good.
But the biggest problem is the brush. It’s horrendous. The bristles are so far spread out that the mascara can’t grab onto my lashes, leaving them barely coated with black. If the brush were more dense, I might have had a better experience.
The Pros:
The packaging.
The Cons:
The brush and the formula just aren’t up to par.
The Bottom Line
I feel like this mascara is designed for 12-year-olds who shouldn’t be wearing a lot of makeup. If you’re into the natural look and want just a bit of definition in your lashes, then this mascara would be perfect for you. It just missed the mark for me.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder in Shade 110, Review

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The Fit Me line from Maybelline caused a lot of hype when it first launched and I was really drawn to their Fit Me Powder. I’ve heard some really great things about this powder, from how light it is to how it sets makeup and thought it would be a perfect first impression of the Fit Me Line. This varies in price depending on where it’s sold, but you can always get a good deal on a sale at Ulta or something!

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