Five Fall Movies to Watch This Weekend to Celebrate Fall

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Nothing gets me more excited for fall than when the weather cools down, I can grab a slice of apple pie and my fuzzy socks and enjoy one of my favorite fall movies. I made some sunflower butter cookies today since I miss peanut butter cookies so much, but a peanut allergy kind of gets in the way of that. Everyone else is out at the cider mill today too (I live right down the street from one) but a gluten and apple intolerance also gets in the way of that…so sunflower butter cookies and movie day it is!

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Weekend Recap – September 25

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It is hotter than hell in Michigan this week – the leaves are still changing colors but it doesn’t feel like fall when I have to leave the house in shorts and flip flops. Thank goodness the heat is supposed to break later this week, I’m ready to break out my Hunters and my wool sweaters. And the cider, of course! I swear, if I could find some where fall existed year round, I would move there in a heart beat. After all, life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall…

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My End of Summer, Navy Blue Tablescape

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I finally unpacked the last of my moving boxes a few weekends ago and I have been so excited to put my life together. I purchased a new dinnerware set months ago to replace my $20 Ikea set that I had been using and there is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous plate set on my new dining room table! I decided to go with the 5-Piece Fiesta Dinnerware Set in Cobalt which turned out to be this beautiful navy blue – and we all know, I can’t resist anything navy. Here’s how my navy blue tablescape turned out!

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Weekend Recap – September 18

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I am happy to say that I survived a Harry Potter bar crawl over the weekend! It’s so important to me that no matter how crazy my life gets, I make time for the occasional afternoon to get out and enjoy life for a bit. Not that I don’t enjoy doing school work all day…but I couldn’t pass up $5 Butterbeer and Golden Snitch specials! But I definitely regret not studying the whole weekend, just a little bit.

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Weekend Recap – September 11

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Saturdays are for…studying financial management! I’ll have to admit, these weekend recaps aren’t going to be as fun anymore…because my weekends sadly aren’t all that fun anymore. They’re filled with laundry, flash cards and, let’s be real, wine. It’s definitely been a tough adjustment period to what is basically a whole new life, but I just keep telling myself that change is inevitable and to be afraid of change is to be obsolete in life. It is ourselves after all that propels life forward, and goodness knows I’ve done just about enough of that lately! Here’s what all I was up to this weekend, grad school not included.

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