The Latest Obsession: Target Backless Mule Loafers

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I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect pair of shoes for work – flats are okay but by Friday my blisters are too painful and let’s be real, I can’t wait pumps all week! I’ve been lusting after those oh-so famous Gucci loafers but honestly I do not have funds to be as fashionable as I like to think I am! So imagine my surprise when I was shopping at Target for things I don’t need (at least this didn’t happen in the home goods section this time) and stumbled my latest HG find in shoes: the Target Backless Mule Loafers by Merona. I always stumble on far too many holy grails in Target but I finally broke down in the shoe aisle and decided to treat myself…and yes, I can hear my closet thanking me now.

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How I Freshen Up My Skin for Summer

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I know it’s already half way through August but I refuse to believe that summer is going any where soon! I’m definitely ready for apple pies and cozy fuzzy socks but I’m not quite ready to say good-bye to sunny days and beach weather. I’m definitely not ready for August to be over because that means I will have started graduate school! I’m nervous but very excited to get my M.B.A. going – Basics of Financial Management, here I come. I’m trying to get my life in order before it goes crazy again with school and work next month, and that includes getting my skincare sorted. Because I’ve started breaking out a bit with the stress of getting everything ready this month, my skin has called for a new routine!

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Weekend Recap – July 31

Can you believe it’s already August? July seems to have flown by. Weekends are no exception, they keep getting shorter and shorter as I’m getting busier and busier. I’m spending every moment at home either packing or prepping my furniture. Instead of buying new coffee tables, side tables, dressers, etc., I decided to just repaint and refinish my current Ikea furniture. That sounded like a great money-saving idea at the time but chalk painting, hammering nail heads, cutting vinyl planks is hard and time-consuming work. But I can’t wait to have everything out and in its place when I move in a few weeks!

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My Favorite Weekender Bags

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This year I have decided to make my year of travel but in doing so, I forgot that I didn’t own a suitcase or even a weekender bag at the start of this year. Turns out, if you want to travel, you kind of need some bags to put everything in! So far this year I’ve traveled to Holland and Traverse City in Michigan, plus Silver Lake Sand Dunes. I’m hoping, hoping, to make a trip to Universal Harry Potter Studios in Florida happen this fall in which case I will definitely need to invest in a suitcase. I have a few weekender bags that I’ve purchased this year and absolutely love, as well as a few that are on my wishlist!

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Weekend Recap – July 24

The One Where Kelly Chopped Off All Her Hair –

Happy Monday! I’m two cups of coffee into the start of the week and fingers crossed it’s a good one. Real life has gotten a little bit too much lately, hence the lack of solid posts for the past few weeks. I woke up Saturday morning, decided I’d had enough and started making some changes this weekend. I cleared out useless apps on my phone, finally organized them into folders and downloaded a palm leaf print Lilly Pulitzer background wallpaper. I decided I’d had enough of my hair getting caught in car doors and went and got 5 inches cut at the salon. Those shoes I’ve been lusting for at Target for forever? I stopped by and they had one last pair left in my size. It’s the little things in life, but small, manageable change can make a world of difference sometimes.

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