Your Skincare Routine Needs a Toner Balm

March 25, 2019Kelly Baum

I don’t travel frequently (how much do I wish that was my lifestyle) but, regardless of how much I get on and off a plane, I love finding skincare that’s travel friendly.

Partly, just because it’s faster and there’s less mess. If there’s anything I appreciate in my life right now, it’s less mess. I have 99 problems and ya girl Kel doesn’t need her skin to be one of them!

So, I was browsing the beauty aisle at the local Target, as one does at 7am on a Saturday (Saturdays are for TARGET, am I right?) and the elf section literally exploded over the past month at my Target. I’m not kidding, it’s like half of an entire aisle. Which is great, because I’ve followed the brand pretty much since they started so I love seeing this level of success.

Anyways, I stopped to look through the GINORMOUS elf section, and there were some “New at Target” tags on a few of the items, cheapest of which (Those 99 problems, remember? Budgeting is one of them!) was this new Pore Toner Balm – and if there’s something I can’t resist at Target, besides the Dollar Spot, it’s new items!

Your Skincare Routine Needs a Toner Balm

I’m not going to lie, I like using this. It’s so easy, I don’t need a cotton round, and I can throw it in my cosmetic bag when I travel. That cuts out pretty much all my excuses for not toning!

And, not to mention, it smells like a beautiful, relaxing spa. It’s formulated with green tea leaf extract and witch hazel extract which are holy grail skincare ingredients. It basically smells like a fresh cup of green tea! On your next Target run, definitely stop and check this out. 

Side bar…sometimes I wish Target would put a bar next to the Starbucks! That way I could sip some wine while I pick out beauty products. Wouldn’t that be the dream?

ELF Pore Toner Balm

elf Pore Toner Balm

To use: apply after cleansing but before serums, moisturizers and creams. Be safe, avoid the eyes!

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