The J.Crew New York Sweatshirt

March 20, 2019Kelly Baum

Do you ever see something on Instagram and you’re like, “I have to have it”? Okay, this is me on 75% of the posts I see, but I really loved the look of the J.Crew New York Sweatshirt.

It’s just such a versatile transition piece – wear it with white jeans, dark jeans, a seersucker skirt, or with pajama pants. Where it inside New York or if you’re like me, wear it if you live a 1.5 hour plane ride away. There’s so many different outfits you can make with it – the possibilities are endless!

In terms of sizing, I usually fall in between a x-small and a small, which is not very helpful since all clothing fits me differently. But for reference, I’m 5’5″, 115 lbs, and a small fits me perfectly. It’s been washed and didn’t shrink (yet), either.

J.Crew New York Sweatshirt
J.Crew New York Sweatshirt with Trench Coat
J.Crew New York Sweatshirt Outfit

J.Crew New York Sweatshirt

Shop it at J.Crew for just $50! Don’t forget to shop through eBates for additional cash back.

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