Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump Review

February 8, 2019Kelly Baum

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I never used to wear heels – until I found the perfect pair that not only look fantastic, but, I can actually walk in without falling over! Meet: the Mix No. 6 Liraven pump, courtesy of the local DSW!

Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump Review

Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump Review

Up until recently, I hated wearing heels. With a vengeance. I just couldn’t walk in them and they would give me the worst blisters on my heels. Turns out, buying a pair of heels is like searching for a pair of jeans – some make your butt look good, and some are plainly meant to be worn on someone else!

Enter: the Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump. I know what you’re thinking: really, Kelly?! Valentino knock-offs? But trust me. This $50 pair of heels is the answer to all my shoe prayers.

Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump Review

Here’s why you need a pair of these in your closet:

  • They come in a few colors so you can stock up and have a pair to match every outfit
  • You can dress them up or dress them down – these look killer with everything from a LBD to jeans
  • No annoying heel blisters – these are open back so let those heels breathe

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
-Marilyn Monroe

There’s so many versions of this shoe on the market – but I really, really think you need to try this one. They retail for $49.99 at DSW (save up those coupons!) and they’re the right combo of comfortable to walk in and having good traction on the bottom.

The most important thing of all? I can last for 8 hour work days in these. Like a girl boss! Seriously, I cannot recommend these pumps enough. Here’s a little hint: I wear toe tube cushions on my pinky toes and my second toes to prevent any blisters and make heels even more comfy to wear – I get mine on Amazon for just $10 and they are a must-have!

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    April Ebarvia

    March 18, 2019 at 1:39 am

    Beautiful pumps! Will definitely buy one for myself! Thank you for this review!

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