My Easy Gluten Free Diet Meal Plan

January 21, 2019Kelly Baum

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Living the GF life or thinking about eliminating gluten from your diet? After three years, I have a lot of tips and recipes to share – here’s the easy guide to the gluten free diet meal plan that’s both delicious and easy!

My Easy Gluten Free Diet Meal Plan

My Easy Gluten Free Diet Meal Plan

Let’s back it up: I first went gluten free in the summer of 2015 partly because I had a lot of digestive issues over the years and a gluten intolerance may have been the cause; and I also found out that I had severe food allergies to barley and rye. So all in all, it was safer for me to go gluten free.

And it sucked. Well, just at first.

I’m not going to lie, this is tough. Going to your local Olive Garden with your friends on a Saturday night and having to watch everyone else eat a breadstick except for you is literally the worst. But, I feel better – I’m healthier, I have more energy, and I can stomach my meals again!

So whether you’re thinking about joining the club, or if you’re just looking to spice up your grocery list, here’s what I eat pretty much every week:


My Easy Gluten Free Diet Meal Plan


Quakers Gluten Free Oatmeal with Stevia & blueberries // Scrambled eggs with hash browns and toast // water infused with lemons & cucumbers


Salad with quinoa, cucumbers, feta cheese & olive oil // Mediterranean stir-fry with ground turkey, frozen stir-fry vegetables, quinoa, soy sauce & sesame oil // Crispbread topped with hummus, feta cheese & kalamata olives


Turkey burgers with mustard & sauerkraut // Italian sausage with sauerkraut and cucumber salad // Lasagna with spinach, ground beef, portobello mushrooms

Here’s a few tips and tricks

It’s important to me to have a low carb, high protein diet. No, that doesn’t mean I don’t eat french fries once a week, but I don’t have pasta, a sandwich, french fries and cake all in the same day. Most GF products are made with rice and rice is naturally higher in arsenic – so I adjust my diet to avoid carbs/rice products so I can avoid having high arsenic levels.

Nothing tastes as good as gluten free feels!

Here’s a real shocker: I don’t generally cook from gluten free recipes. Instead, most of the dishes I cook are naturally gluten free, or just require substituting gluten free flour or pasta. This is so much easier than trying to box yourself in the gluten free recipe world.

What are some staple recipes in my gluten free diet meal plan?

From snacks to meal prepping entrees, I have a few key recipes that I keep in my back pocket! First, if you at all love baking things that can be for breakfast, snack or dessert, you have to try my Easy Gluten Free Pumpkin Zucchini Bread – it’s one of those classic, year-round flavors that is great served with plain Greek yogurt, a spoonful of whipped cream, or a scoop of french vanilla ice cream!

If I’m having a “cheat night”, I love to whip up a pan of Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce. All you have to do is use potato gnocchi to make it gluten free! Or, even better, is when I find a dish that’s naturally gluten free, like my favorite beef & broccoli recipe.

If I bake a dessert, I can’t recommend King Arthur products enough! No, this isn’t a sponsored plug or anything, I genuinely have found their gluten free baking mixes to be easy and incredibly delicious. All of my birthday cakes are courtesy of King Arthur!

For the nights when you just don’t feel like cooking…

We all have those times – it was a bad day at work and you really, really don’t want to cook. But that doesn’t mean you have to break your carefully-planned gluten free diet meal plan! I often stop at Panera for a salad, Blaze Pizza for a thing crush veggie delight, or I’ll grab a frozen meal – Eating Well are one my favorites for under $4!

I hope you picked up a little tasty inspiration for your next gluten free meal! Just because there’s no gluten, doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious.

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