Cheap Makeup Brands that are Worth the Money

December 19, 2018Kelly Baum

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With as many brands as there in the makeup market today, it can be tough to know which of the cheap makeup brands is actually worth your time & money – lucky for you, I’ve shopped and tested enough for the both of us!

Cheap Makeup Brands that are Worth the Money

Cheap Makeup Brands that are Actually Worth the Money

Did you know that I originally started this blog as a beauty blog? I know, that’s a throwback to 2011 right there but I did start out with makeup reviews and looks back in the day. I remember clipping coupons when I was still in high school and I had absolutely ZERO money to buy makeup for blogging – I had found my passion and clipped coupons and shopped sales for products!

Before you shop, you need to know:

  • Makeup is really affordable – when you know how to maximize your savings. If I shop at Sephora, I wait until it’s a double cash back day on eBates, there’s the Beauty Insider sale, and my items are on sale.
  • Just because a brand is less expensive, it doesn’t mean the quality is low.
  • Conversely, not every product at the drugstore is “good” – so you know before you shop!

Eyes Lips Face (aka E.L.F.)

E.L.F. is one of those hit or miss brands – but over the years they’ve majorly improved their line. I’ve fallen in love with their palettes time and time again over the years and that’s because they’re just so good – perfect for travel or if you need a dupe of some higher-end blushes (NARS Orgasm, I’m looking at you!)

Sleek Makeup

I remember Pixiwoo using Sleek Makeup products in their tutorials back in the day and I was so upset because you couldn’t get them in the U.S. at the time. Now, you can even order them at Target! I was so in love with the eyeshadow palettes – their shades and quality rivals MAC and I will forever be in love.


I haven’t heard enough positive reviews about Catrice! If you’re looking to buy one thing from these cheap make up brands, I think it would be the Catrice Lashes to Kill Ultra Black Mascara (linked in the widget above!).


This is the most expensive brand on this list but these cheap makeup products are classic and well-worth the money if you can snag them on sale! Their Chocolate Bronzer (linked above!) for one, is one that I’ve seen some of the top beauty vloggers on Youtube use for legit 10 years now. I loved mine and it’s been on my list to repurchase!

Treat yo self this weekend and check out some of these cheap makeup brands at your drugstore or snag some online deals! Still not sure what to purchase? Check out this post about my favorite neutral eyeshadows on a budget – I guarantee you’ll find something you like!

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