How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

November 21, 2018Kelly Baum

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For the past few months, my hair has been a wavy, frizz ball mess – and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it! I’ve done a major routine shakeup and I’ve cured the frizz, and figured out how to straighten hair without heat!

How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

Let me set the stage: for the past year, I’ve been following the reverse hair wash routine where you condition first and shampoo last. The theory is that conditioner is too heavy and oily for some people’s hair types, so by washing most of it out, you’re not left with sticky residue in your hair.

Then, I would let it air dry for an hour, hitting it with the heat vents in my car before work for 5 minutes to finish drying. Clearly, I had a very established process when it came to my hair! So rewind to last week when I was fed up with the frizz and unruly waves and did a major routine shake up where I finally figured out how to straighten hair without heat.

Prepare to change your hair…

1. Shampoo first, condition last, follow up with a hair mask

Honestly, I think this was one of my first mistakes. As soon as I switched my shower routine and started shampooing first, conditioning, and then using a rich hair mask, the difference was incredible. Even my coworkers noticed my new smooth, silky, straight hair!

2. Comb out your hair immediately after showering

I couldn’t believe that this made a difference, but it did! When I waited and brushed my hair after it dried, all of the natural waves formed and frizz soon followed. Now, I swear by a wet brush which I use to detangle and straighten right after my shower!

3. Don’t wrap your hair in a towel

I know this is a popular part of everyone’s hair routine, but it just doesn’t work for my hair. When I wrap it in a towel, the moisture gets trapped (even though I have moisture absorbent towels) and my hair looks insanely curly when I unwrap it! No matter how much I try to brush that out, it’s just easier to let my hair air dry and the waves never even form.


Routines have such a big part to play when it comes to hair. I hope these tips on how to straighten hair without heat will help you banish the frizz, too!

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    Sophie J. Green

    July 15, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    I agree with doing shampoo first, conditioning last. Conditioner makes your hair smoother. I’m currently using Osensia’s O so Thick & Strong Conditioner, plus, it’s sulfate-free.

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