Weekend Recap – October 16

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This weekend was rainy, blustery and filled with blankets and movies! I watched the entirety of War and Peace on Hulu while I did my cleaning and homework and my goodness, it is a beautiful period piece. I have not yet had the time to read War and Peace but it is definitely on my post-grad “freedom” to-do list. There’s no time like fall to catch up on everything on my watchlist, I just added Grantchester from Masterpiece Theater on PBS and I’m already excited for next weekend!

Weekend Recap – October 16

Weekend Recap - October 16

// I just ordered a new pair of Hunter boots…I caved! The pair that I bought last year online turned out to be not a color that I really wanted so when I found a pair of navy gloss ones on sale for $83, I snagged them!

// I started my graduate statistics class this weekend…and let’s just say, it will be a painful 1.5 months until I’m done. Math has never been my strong suit and I have never taken a math class above algebra before, but conquer it I hopefully shall.

// You can get your very own tiny home from Amazon now – how crazy is it that you can get your own tiny home on the internet, now?

// I just found Evelyn Henson’s designs through a post I saw on Instagram – her illustrated Nantucket mug is just the cutest.

//Also, only 70 days until Christmas! Just in case you were getting the itch to pull out the peppermints and last year’s ornaments…

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