Weekend Recap – September 25

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It is hotter than hell in Michigan this week – the leaves are still changing colors but it doesn’t feel like fall when I have to leave the house in shorts and flip flops. Thank goodness the heat is supposed to break later this week, I’m ready to break out my Hunters and my wool sweaters. And the cider, of course! I swear, if I could find some where fall existed year round, I would move there in a heart beat. After all, life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall…

Weekend Recap – September 25

Weekend Recap - September 25
// I tried to make a gluten free stromboli this weekend…and I failed. Epically. So epically that in the process of trying to throw my messed-up stromboli away, I made an even bigger mess. It was horrible, but at the end of it all I just went and picked up a pizza down the road. So consider this a small reminder that no matter how much it seems to suck when something goes wrong, this too shall pass.

// These Ghost-Style Arm Chairs from Amazon are currently sitting in my cart and so badly wish I could get them for the ends of my dining table! And what’s better, you can get two for a little over $100 which makes them a total steal.

// I came across a photo of Courtney from A Thoughtful Place’s dining room on Pinterest and I need this in my life – the contrast between shades of deep wood and the whites and greys of the chairs is stunning and I love how it combines an elegant sense of style with a rustic one. Simply stunning!

Happy Monday –
Kelly xoxo

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