Weekend Recap – September 18

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I am happy to say that I survived a Harry Potter bar crawl over the weekend! It’s so important to me that no matter how crazy my life gets, I make time for the occasional afternoon to get out and enjoy life for a bit. Not that I don’t enjoy doing school work all day…but I couldn’t pass up $5 Butterbeer and Golden Snitch specials! But I definitely regret not studying the whole weekend, just a little bit.

Weekend Recap – September 18

Weekend Recap - September 18

// I went shopping for one thing at Target on Friday night…and came out with a whole cart-full more than I needed! I caved and bought this Hooded Trench Coat which I am so excited to wear once the weather cools down.

// I discovered Gelato Fiasco when it was on sale at the store and it has ruined all other freezer ice creams for me. It’s a little pricier than I would normally go for but oh my goodness, it was just that good. The flavor I tried was Mint Chocolate Chunk. Best part is, it’s hand-packed and made in Maine.

// Can we talk about the Emmy’s last night real quick? I loved Millie Bobby Brown’s tulle gown, it was absolutely stunning and definitely one of my favorite looks of the night! And I was so happy to see all the love for Big Little Lies, which was definitely my favorite break-out show of the year.

// I had roasted brussel sprouts for the first time ever at dinner last Thursday and I’m surprised, I really liked them! They tasted a lot like a McDonalds french fry to me, with all that salt and seasoning on top.

Happy Monday, we made it through! xx

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