Weekend Recap – September 11

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Saturdays are for…studying financial management! I’ll have to admit, these weekend recaps aren’t going to be as fun anymore…because my weekends sadly aren’t all that fun anymore. They’re filled with laundry, flash cards and, let’s be real, wine. It’s definitely been a tough adjustment period to what is basically a whole new life, but I just keep telling myself that change is inevitable and to be afraid of change is to be obsolete in life. It is ourselves after all that propels life forward, and goodness knows I’ve done just about enough of that lately! Here’s what all I was up to this weekend, grad school not included.

Weekend Recap – September 11

Weekend Recap - September 11
// I hope everyone takes a moment to remember the lives lost on 9/11 just 16 years ago. I remember I was in second grade and the news suddenly came on the classroom television during a D.A.R.E presentation…and it’s one of those things you just don’t forget, ever.

// I made my first jam this weekend. That’s right, I jammed. I made an apple pie jam and while it wasn’t perfect (*a tad bit runny) I’m proud of myself for trying something new for the first time in months!

// I have the sudden urge to take a trip to Scotland – sometimes I just have these urges to go and explore a place, and I’ve always had a love for all things Britain. I came across a Scottish playlist on Spotify the other day and I was sold! If only I had the extra bucks for an overseas trip, or even a passport.

// I lied, next weekend WILL be fun – I signed up for the Expecto Patronum Harry Potter Bar Crawl. Enough said.

Happy Monday, it’s going to be a great week!

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