Five Fall Movies to Watch This Weekend to Celebrate Fall

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Nothing gets me more excited for fall than when the weather cools down, I can grab a slice of apple pie and my fuzzy socks and enjoy one of my favorite fall movies. I made some sunflower butter cookies today since I miss peanut butter cookies so much, but a peanut allergy kind of gets in the way of that. Everyone else is out at the cider mill today too (I live right down the street from one) but a gluten and apple intolerance also gets in the way of that…so sunflower butter cookies and movie day it is!

Five Fall Movies to Watch This Weekend to Celebrate Fall

Five Fall Movies to Watch This Weekend to Celebrate Fall

// LOVE STORY, 1970

Once you look past the cheesy line this movie is known for this is one of the best movies with fall themes – the color are stunning, Ali MacGraw’s clothes are trend-worthy and Ryan O’Neal is perfectly preppy. Set against a dreamy East Coast backdrop, this is easily one of my favorite fall movies.


I don’t know what it is about the very first Harry Potter movie but the pumpkins, leaves and themes about the start of school makes it a great fall pick.

// ST. ELMO’S FIRE, 1985

Set in New England about recent Georgetown graduates this is one of my favorite Brat Pack films – so many complex and emotional relationships make up this story about fall, falling for someone and even falling out of love – well worth a Saturday afternoon!


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence give life to mental illness and the dynamics of pressure on modern relationships. Be warned though, this isn’t just a “love story”, this is a journey of mental stability, of families, and of love in the modern world.


You can’t have a fall movies list and not include Dead Poets Society. This one you probably want to grab a glass – or a bottle – of comfort wine to watch with, though.

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