Weekend Recap – July 31

Can you believe it’s already August? July seems to have flown by. Weekends are no exception, they keep getting shorter and shorter as I’m getting busier and busier. I’m spending every moment at home either packing or prepping my furniture. Instead of buying new coffee tables, side tables, dressers, etc., I decided to just repaint and refinish my current Ikea furniture. That sounded like a great money-saving idea at the time but chalk painting, hammering nail heads, cutting vinyl planks is hard and time-consuming work. But I can’t wait to have everything out and in its place when I move in a few weeks!

Weekend Recap – July 31

Weekend Recap - July 31

// The tan blaze in the photo above is one of my favorite purchases of the year…I can’t believe I waited so long to get a piece like this from J.Crew. It’s one of those classic, timeless jackets that goes with literally everything and instantly makes it look like I have my life together.

// I’m trying to pick out a sectional couch right now and it is THE hardest thing. I don’t have a ton of money left in my budget to spend so finding the right one in my budget that’s not a POS is a challenge. Right now I’ve been looking Wayfair over from top to bottom, trying to find that magical beige, tufted couch that’s under $1000 (yeah right).

// I just started watching The Night Manager and WOW. It is the such an intense spy thriller and I’ve been shamelessly binging it non-stop this weekend while I pack and paint.

// I baked a cookie cheesecake on Friday and it’s pretty much gone already. Cookie + cheesecake = enough said.


Weekend Recap - July 31

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Happy Monday and Happy August!

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