Weekend Recap – July 17

I’m always so sad once Monday rolls around – if only I could I have a “Sumonday”, a day in between Sunday and Monday so I can get the rest of the things done that I didn’t get to over the weekend! I made a trip to IKEA for some new nightstands…and walked out with a few bags full. I just can’t resist all of the home goods. I snagged two white Malm nightstands that I purchased some overlays and new drawer pulls for, so I’m excited to do a “Malm upgrade” post in a few weeks!

Weekend Recap – July 17

Weekend Recap - July 17

// I bought two of the Soare placemats from IKEA and I’m so excited to break these out – they’re a lot more affordable than ones from Pottery Barn and they’ll be the perfect accent to my table with my gingham napkins.

// I got to celebrate National Ice Cream Day yesterday with a delicious gluten free cone of vanilla and german chocolate custard. Side note, when they say “large cone”, they mean a lot. But I conquered mine!

// J.Crew Factory was having a deep discount on their clearance items and I finally, finally got the tan blazer I’ve been lusting after for (no joke) over a year. I also waved buh-bye to my budget I’ve been so faithful to this month…

// I’ve been really terrible about being athletic this summer – I’ve barely “exercised” at all! I’m trying to convince the BF to go kayaking with me…of which my family has asked for a full video of since they assume I will be automatically horrible at it!

// I crafted for the first time in a long time on Saturday: I need a new door wreath for when I move so people actually know which unit is mine. I bough a burlap wreath, wrapped some white rope in two sections and tied a wooden sailboat that I painted navy blue to the rope. Pretty nautical, if I don’t say so myself!

Here’s to a productive, beautiful week ahead!

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