The Summer Pineapple Obsession

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Guys. My pineapple obsession is a little bit out of control. Just a little bit. It’s to the point where anytime my friends go to Target or Old Navy (pineapple heavens) they text me pictures and bring me back all their pineapple finds! I have candle holders, water bottles, big metal pineapples that have no purpose other than to be a big metal pineapple, you name it! Adam has to “chaperone” me when I go to Target now to make sure I don’t come back with a cart full of random things. So, in honor of summer and my little summer pineapple obsession, here are a few items that are on my wish list!

The Summer Pineapple Obsession

The Summer Pineapple Obsession
The Summer Pineapple Obsession
// I am obsessed with pineapple doormats! What a cute way to welcome people to my home. Right now I have this one from Target on my wishlist but the BF keeps steering me clear of that section every time we go…

// Pineapples on my shoes?! Say no more, Tory Burch, just shut up and take my money for these Castaway Espadrille Slip-Ons.

// I will always love Barrington Gifts and I love their pineapple totes even more – such a chic and classy tote that’s not going to completely ‘break the bank’. They also offer several other products in the same range, depending on what your budget is.

I hope I gave you some shopping inspiration! Target, Home Goods and Amazon are where I’ve found the bulk of my pineapple items but you never know what you’ll find. I do know though, exactly where my paycheck is going this weekend…

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