Five Chic First Apartment DIY Projects to Try

April 27, 2017Kelly Baum

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I’m moving into my third apartment soon and because your home girl Kelly likes to stretch her dollar, I’ve been doing some heavy research on DIY’s I can do. I’m losing my roommate so it’s up to me to provide all the decor! Let’s be real, I’ve had my shopping list building a year and this apartment is going to be hella stylish. But to compensate for some of the more expensive pieces (who knew sectional couches were big money) I’m going to make an effort to DIY basically anything and everything I can, and I’ve rounded up my top five chic projects below!

Five Chic First Apartment DIY Projects to Try

Five Chic First Apartment DIY Projects to Try

// DIY Faux Gold and Marble Nightstands

This is my favorite project to date! It was so easy and instantly upgraded my room versus an equally priced nightstand from Ikea. I think it cost me under $100 to make two which is as budget-friendly as you can get! I used my all-time favorite white marble contact paper that is my number one DIY staple and under $14 on Amazon.

// DIY Doormat

I have an obsession with doormats – I love that you can put so much of your personality, literally at the entrance to your home! This DIY is on my list to complete soon, but I can’t decide if I want it to say “You Better Have Tacos” or “You’re Like, Really Pretty”. Endless possibilities, people.

// DIY Ikea Bar Cart

I love a good Ikea hack. Seriously, nothing wastes my time on the internet like Ikea hacks. I’ve attempted a few before and as it turns out, you need to have some level of skill with basic tools and a can of paint so mine don’t exactly look Instagrammable but I try. Anyways, this bar cart hack uses a $30 utility cart and transforms it into the ultimate booze storage.

// DIY Jute Placemats

I don’t know why I have such as obsession with jute placemats, they just look like the perfect combination of function and beach house chic. Pottery Barn of course has adorable mats, but why buy when you can DIY? Especially when it’s basically just wound rope?

// DIY Kate Spade-Inspired File Box

I hate the look of bulky file holders. As someone who works full time, runs a blog, freelances, and pays the bills, I have more than a lot of files to keep. This is so simple but the perfect example of how as little as $10 can transform your storage and your space into something completely different.

So that’s it! My top five chic first apartment DIY projects that should be at the the top of your list if you’re moving soon, just like me! I’d love to know, what’s a DIY project you recently did that totally transformed your space?

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