Trend to Watch: Gingham Sneakers

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I was shopping in Target again over the weekend (major surprise, there!) when the BF spotted these shoes and I was told I had to buy them! He was right, these are the most adorable pair of sneakers I’ve every owned and I’m seriously considering going back to buy a back up pair. Most of the summer I usually only wear my Sperry’s but I’m starting to get on the sneaker trend this year. I bought my first pair of white Adidas a few weeks ago and fell in love so naturally these gingham sneakers were the perfect addition to my shelf! Side note, white Adidas, gingham sneakers and my Sperry’s have basically completed my summer wardrobe in only three pairs of shoes – what a steal.

Trend to Watch: Gingham Sneakers

Trend to Watch: Gingham Sneakers

Trend to Watch: Gingham Sneakers

Trend to Watch: Gingham Sneakers

Is my gingham obsession showing? Maybe just a little bit! These are perfect paired with blue jeans a J.Crew sweater, or I also wear them a lot with my white sundresses, it just gives the perfect pop of navy blue to any outfit. These particular sneakers aren’t the most durable things in the world, so if you really like them, definitely stock up on a back up pair.

Gingham is my favorite reoccurring trend, it comes around every spring and I know it’s the whole “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” kind of a trend but it’s just a fresh, navy blue trend that I would cover my entire body in if I could!

I also found a few more gingham sneakers on Amazon since I have a feeling these are going to sell out quickly in Target:

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