Secrets to an Organized Desk

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If you knew me five years ago, you would not recognize me and my cleaning habits! I used to be one of those people who lived in chaos and claimed there was a method to the madness – but ever since I started living on my own, my entire cleaning philosophy has changed! I can’t live if my desk is the slight bit cluttered now. I do a lot of work from home – blogging included! – so I need to maximize any and all available space for the most organized desk possible. There’s a few secrets to this method of madness!

Secrets to an Organized Desk

Secrets to an Organized DeskSecrets to an Organized DeskSecrets to an Organized DeskSecrets to an Organized Desk

Keep only the essentials out

The only things I really need to get through my work are a monitor, some pencils and a few flowers to look at – so that’s all that regularly gets set out! Once you get in the habit of having a few essential items like this it gets a lot easier to put everything away.


Invest in drawer organizers

Drawer organizers are life savers. I bought a desk with two thing wide drawers in the front that I could fit nice big plastic organizers in where I basically store and organize my entire life. It’s amazing just how much crap you can fit in these, from hair ties to stamps to brush markers, it all fits!


White furniture makes you clean

This is no lie, and partly why I bought all white furniture last time I moved. White finished show every little speck of dirt and dust and basically force you to clean it up or be distracted until the end of time by it!


If you’re wondering, this is the Micke desk from Ikea and I absolutely love! It may look small but trust me, you can store a lot of stuff out of the way!


Secrets to an Organized Desk

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