2017 is Not the Year for Resolutions

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It feels like 2016 has flown by. I know that everyone says that, but I’m approaching my reflections on 2016 and resolutions a little bit differently. Yes, it sucked in many ways but for me, it was the year that I graduated from undergrad, I started an amazing full time job in marketing, and saw my life with my friends and family become so much more valuable and precious to me. So when I started making out my resolutions for 2017, I decided to turn my attitude towards this year around and here’s why:

2017 is Not the Year for Resolutions

2017 is Not the Year for Resolutions

2017 is Not the Year for Resolutions

n. Resolution: the act or process of resolving: as
a. the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones

I have one resolution for 2017: to make it a memorable year. Instead of sitting down and defining unrealistic expectations of myself, I’ve decided to simplify my goals to my reality – I’ll probably work too much this year to really travel as much as I would like, so instead of making it a “resolution” to travel more, I’m setting a realistic goal that I want to make it onto an airplane for the first time this year!

The number one reason why so many New Year’s resolutions fail is that because changing our behaviors as humans is an incredibly difficult task. Habits are our normal and it’s not easy to change that up, especially overnight. So instead, I’ve set small, vague goals for myself for 2017 so that when I look back on December 31, 2017, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished at least a little bit to making this year another memorable one.

2017 Aspirations¬†–

Travel somewhere in an airplane (for the first time ever!)
To fall back in love with cooking and baking (8 food allergies makes it difficult)
To move and furnish the gorgeous apartment of my dreams – and my Pinterest home board
To master the fine art of cooking an Italian “Sunday Gravy” meal (look it up!)
To make the most of the time when I’m not in the office with my loved ones
To say “no” when I know I can’t say “yes”, professionally


2017 is Not the Year for Resolutions

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I can already feel it…2017 is going to be one for the books! I’d love to know, what’s something you’re focusing on for this year?

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