Meet Wet n Wild’s New Miracle in a Bottle

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I am so bad at being a beauty blogger sometimes – if you knew my true daily routines…you would be quite disappointed! My biggest sin is definitely my nails. I can never justify the time to sit for an hour and let my nails dry and I always get frustrated when I’ve smudged them if I do attempt to paint them…you can’t win when you try to paint my nails! So when I find a good polish that can handle me, I get really excited (even more so when it’s under $5!). Wet n Wild has really been stepping up their drugstore beauty game and their new line of gel polishes is no exception!


Meet Wet n Wild's New Miracle in a Bottle

Meet Wet n Wild's New Miracle in a Bottle
Enter the $4.99 miracle that is the Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in Stay Classy. This is a gel formula that does not require UV lights to dry. It’s slightly thicker than a standard nail polish and dries in half the time. I’ve tested this polish out twice and I’ve found that I only need one coat for every nail – pretty impressive! While it’s only slightly thicker than a standard polish, it’s much more opaque and really cuts down on the amount of time I spend painting my nails.

Overall I would say I got about 3-4 days of wear time before minor chips started occurring. But instead of major chips happening, the polish started cracking quite a bit, due to it’s “gel” formula.

There’s about 10 colors total but this one, Stay Classy, was my absolute favorite! It’s the perfect mauve/pink and is complimented so well by the gel formula. Like I said, it’s Wet n Wild’s miracle in a bottle!

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