Five Products to Cure Dry Skin Overnight

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…when your skin starts to get dry and itchy and you wish you lived in a protective bubble of lotion. Here at A Thing of Beauty HQ we’ve rounded up the top lotion picks (and believe me, there’s literal shelves of lotion here!) to come up with the best products to cure dry skin overnight, and ones that are all easily available online or at the local drugstore!

Five Products to Cure Dry Skin Overnight

Five Products to Cure Dry Skin Overnight
1. THE BODY SHOP WILD ARGAN OIL BODY BUTTER – Argan oil is a great natural moisturizer and this body butter is maximum hydration at a maximum size. Bonus: if you visit a store, you can get it customized! Too cute!

2. BEYOND BELIEF NOURISH & DIMINISH NIGHT MOISTURIZER – This is for my girls with skin prone to blockage. If your skin reacts poorly to a lot of those really thick, heavy hydrating creams try this one: it’s light like a gel formula but carries an intense amount of hydration still.

Five Products to Cure Dry Skin Overnight
3. HEEL TO TOE RESTORE MOISTURIZER – This is another great argan oil product. This is specifically for your feet and the best way to use a cream like this is to slather it on, then put on fuzzy socks and stay like that overnight. The lotion and moisturizer will get locked in by the fuzzy socks and my skin always comes out baby soft in the morning!

4. GLOW BODY BUTTER – Whenever I’m on the go I always take a few of the body butters along with me. They are a traditional body butter and they’re so thick and creamy and are the perfect pick me up for if my skin is a little dry.

Five Products to Cure Dry Skin Overnight
5. LANGEIGE WATER SLEEPING MASK – I have been swearing by this product for years. It’s incredibly light but will knock out any dry skin overnight like it was nothing. This is technically a face mask so I apply a thin layer right before I go to sleep and then wash off the excess in the morning, like a cleanser. It’s truly an incredible product and a staple in my skincare cabinet!


Dry skin is not match for these staple products! They’re my season favorites to cure dry skin overnight, and believe me, they’ve been put to the test over the years!


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