Three Perfectly Preppy Vests for Fall

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Say hello to fall! I went to the mall this weekend and there were so many cute vests in the mall, I was basically like “take it, take all my money”. Especially in J. Crew…it took some serious restraining to not buy all the gingham and polka dotted-things in there! Vests are a crucial item of casual fall fashion to me: it’s a great way to bridge the gap between summer and fall because it’s not a heavy sweater, but it’s still a good layering piece to keep you warm when you’re outside sipping a PSL. So I’ve picked my top three perfectly preppy vests for fall and even better, they’re all under $50!

Three Perfectly Preppy Vests for Fall



I don’t think you achieve a preppier look for fall than the famous J. Crew herringbone vest! But that can get a little expensive, especially if you’re looking to purchase one in-season, so I was so excited when I found this great dupe for under $30. Believe me, this is at the top of my fall shopping list!

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Can’t you just picture how well this vest could complete your fall outfit? Skinny dark wash blue jeans…bean boots…LL Bean Fisherman sweater underneath…the possibilities are endless with a gorgeous quilted vest like this!

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This is perfect for those outings to the cider mill when it’s not terribly cold but the air is definitely crisp! I love military-style jackets and vests and this is a great piece to add to any fall wardrobe for that perfect casual outfit.

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In case you were wondering, I’m wearing a last-season quilted vest from Kohl’s that I’m seriously hoping they’ll bring back – they had a green and navy plaid one that I’m having serious shopper’s remorse over passing up!


Three Perfectly Preppy Vests for Fall

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