Blog Income Report August 2016 and my Blogging Tips

September 5, 2016Kelly Baum


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August has come and passed…and now September, aka the start of the busiest time of year, has rolled around! August was a month of ups and downs but I’m definitely looking forward to this month, there’s something freshening about a new month starting, especially when it brings that fall state of mind with it like September does. This month’s blog income and traffic is a little bit different because it has some lessons learnt this month and something I’m sure every blogger would be interested in…a list of the paying blog networks and agencies that I’ve applied to! I’ve been coming up with a lot of really amazing blog post ideas for the next few months and as such I’ve been looking to expand the business side of this blog so I can make these amazing things happen.

Blog Income Report August 2016 and my Blogging Tips and Lessons Learned


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Traffic cut in half this month, sadly. I expected it because July’s major traffic bump was due to being picked up for two ads, but it still hurts.



Sponsored posts: $350
Affiliate ads: $1.96
Youtube: $0

Total: $351.96



The biggest “up” of this month was the fact that I REBRANDED! I found this lovely theme on Etsy and thought that it would be absolutely perfect for my style and content. I was so excited and completed my fastest redesign ever, in under three hours! I used the company Hello You Designs and the set up instructions were easy to understand, but I will say, you need some good WordPress knowledge before you attempt one of their themes. They use the Genesis framework, which enables this site to run with more functions than a typical WP site, and you have to first purchase and install that before unloading one of their themes. This rebrand cost me about $125, but it was worth it!

On another note, I also made my first sale through Amazon Associates! I switched all of my affiliate links from ShopStyle to Amazon about three months ago and I finally saw a sale last month.



And there were definitely some lessons learned this month. I missed a deadline for the first time ever and it was devastating. I had had one of those really difficult days where everything seems to go wrong and missing a deadline was just the icing on the cake, I was about to look on a site such as so I could start looking at other blogging platforms just so I could publish what I had. Literally, since I ended up eating a bunch of brownies in my bed when I finally gave in. I’ve never felt so terrible – I treat this blog literally like it’s a job and missing that deadline was overwhelming. I never want people to think I don’t care or that I’m not capable of my work. All I can say is that if you miss a deadline, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t make it a habit, of course, but everyone understands that life just happens sometimes and when days are bad, things get out of control. Just don’t let it get you down!



So once I regrouped, I started looking for more ways to make this blog even better. The only way an event or action is a failure or a mistake is if you don’t learn from it. So I bought a planner the next day, put on some lipstick, and started upping the effort I was putting into my blog. I wanted to explore more partnerships and sponsorships and the companies that could bring those.

Here’s a list of companies that I’ve found success with:

-Social Fabric
-Influence Central
-ShopStyle Collective
-Activate by Bloglovin’
-Acorn Influence

Ones with not as much success:

-Tap Influence
-Pollinate / Weave Media

Ones I just joined:



Just because I didn’t find success with a network doesn’t mean that other bloggers don’t – I just don’t have the traffic reach, niche, or standing with those networks that make me eligible for a lot of campaigns. I recommend for signing up for as many programs that you fit the traffic requirements for and seeing what kind of opportunities they’ll bring you. *Quick tip: always make sure to fill out your profile as much as possible because the more info you have on there, the better matched to opportunities you’ll be!



Blog Income Report August 2016 and my Blogging Tips
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So those are my tips, lessons learned and the breakdown of my income this month. A bit of a slower month but I already know September will be picking up!

Thanks for reading,
Kelly xoxo

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