Summer Beauty Secrets: Three Products to Revive Tired Summer Skin



I don’t know about you but my skin can get mighty worn out during summer – it’s oily, it’s dry, it’s breaking out, and just plain unhappy once summertime hits! Between the sun, constant exposure to the outdoors and the heat, it’s incredibly important to keep a few key products on hand to revive and rejuvenate your skin. I am absolutely horrible at keeping up with a full on skincare routine, especially with how busy summers get, so my go-to is three products that I keep out on top of my sink to use whenever my skin is feeling gross or tired. Trust me, this is a fantastic routine to have!

Summer Beauty Secrets: Three Products to Revive Tired Summer Skin

Three Products to Revive Tired Summer Skin

Three Products to Revive Tired Summer Skin


I keep a big bottle of body lotion around for a reason! I love fresh citrus scents for summer and this is my current staple. It’s a lightweight lotion that sinks into and soothes my skin, my legs especially.



Three Products to Revive Tired Summer Skin


Face masks are my absolute favorite during summer time. I usually like to do a mix between clay and gel masks to keep my skin fresh and glowing. One of my favorites is a hydrating mask with vitamin C, a good way to inject some vitamins into your skincare.



Three Products to Revive Tired Summer Skin


My eyes are completely out of wack right now with allergy season upon us and they have been in some serious need of nourishment. I always forget to purchase an actual cucumber to use on my eyes at night but these cucumber pads make for a pretty great alternative! I keep mine in my fridge and then I pop two on whenever my eyes are feeling dry or puffy. I leave them on for about 15 minutes while I’m doing my revitalizing face mask!


Summer can be pretty tiring on your skin but all you need is three good, dependable products to keep on your sink. If you need more glamorous summer inspiration be sure to check out Sally Beauty’s Instagram page, they have so many fantastic summer ideas on there!

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  1. Didn’t realize cucumbers are fruits and not veggies. Whatever they are, sliced and ice-cold they’re great when placed over your tired eyes 5 to 10 minutes to give you that soothing , relaxed feeling. I don’t know if this has any scientific basis but I also seem to see better and clearer after.

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