Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style

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So…you know when you reach that point in your life where every time you log onto Facebook someone is getting engaged or married…and the biggest decision of your day is figuring out whether to have cake or ice cream for dessert? Yep. I’m definitely at that place! But never fear, no matter what your path is in life, we all get our own happy endings one way or another. And in case you’re wondering, I definitely went for cake for dessert tonight! But if you happen to be one of those people with more than one wedding on your social calendar this summer, never fear because I have five super awesome, save the day tips that are going to help you survive wedding season in style! And as a bonus, I’m giving away MORE amazing products so check out the giveaway at the end of this post!

Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style



Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style
Don’t want your makeup to sweat off in the heat or on the dance floor? Then you better layer it up! My key tips for long-lasting wedding/event makeup is the three holy grails: primer, powder, and more powder. I set literally everything: use a cream blush and then set it with a powder blush; use a gel liner and then set it with a black eyeshadow; put on a cream highlighter and set it with a powder highlighter. The key to long lasting makeup is making sure it won’t budge!



When you’re done with your makeup, setting it with a good setting powder is an absolute must if you want it to stay in place. But, since there’s typically lots of flash photography at weddings and other high profile events my number one recommendation is to stay away from white powder. I’m sure you’ve seen the disastrous celebrity pictures on TMZ where a red carpet artist accidentally layered on too much white powder on the t-zone and well…it ended badly. Flash photography reflects off of white powder so I always recommend setting your makeup with a light dusting of a powder foundation to prevent any white flashbacks in photos!



No one – and I mean no one – wants yellow teeth in pictures. Lighting is always a mixed bag at wedding receptions so I make sure to prep before hand. Here’s a few of my essentials:


Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style

Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style

Prepping for summer event photos is no joke – my best secrets come in fours: Colgate High Impact White mouthwash, toothbrush with a built-in whitening pen, Optic White Platinum toothpaste and an Optic White Platinum tooth brush. I usually start this routine the week before an event so I have maximum time to prepare. I usually brush my teeth three times per day so I can get the best effects, and the cleanest teeth!



I think lush, thick eyelashes look gorgeous in professional wedding photography but no one wants to see spider lashes! I apply a light coat of my favorite thickening mascara and then take few bunches of individual eyelashes that are the same length as my real lashes and apply them just at the outer corner. This is a great trick to thicken your lashes and elongate your eyes without having to suffer through multiple coats of mascara that are more likely to smear throughout the night!




Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style

People make fun of me for overpacking but for real, you never know when you’re going to need something! I can’t tell you how many times my habit of stuffing my purse with snacks has saved me during long shopping trips and late night movie trips. Taking a purse that can fit all the essentials, IS the essential! And p.s., carrying a toothbrush, especially one with a whitening pen inside like the Colgate Optic White one, is a lifesaver for if you need a quick fix!



Five Tips to Survive Wedding Season in Style

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Thank you so much for reading, I hope you picked up a tip or two! And thank you again to Meijer for supporting A Thing of Beauty!
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