Klairs Review: Concealer and BB Cream

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One of the most exciting parts of being a blogger is having the excuse to try out all kinds of makeup and skincare! Well, I would still probably try out all this makeup but at least the beauty blogger part makes my hoarding seem less bad. Anyway, I just had the opportunity to try out a new-to-me Asian beauty line through Wishtrend called Klairs – Asian beauty routines always fascinate me because I love the high focus they put on skincare. Typical beauty routines can have as many as 8 or 9 steps for perfect the skin and it’s so different from routines here in the US (if you even have one, unlike me!). I got to try the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream and the Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer and they are great additions to my makeup collection!

// Klairs Review: Concealer and BB Cream

Klairs Review: Concealer and BB Cream


This is a little dark for my skin but it matches as it blends out. This is a pretty standard however very good BB cream! It’s not high coverage by any means but it evens out my skin tone and provides a good amount of SPF to keep my skin protected during the day.


This is my absolute favorite. This is a high quality concealer: it’s thicky, pigmented and the way it blends is really well-covering. Most liquid concealers I’ve tried get thinner as they blend out but not this one, it stays thick and creamy and that’s what helps this cover imperfections so well. I like to use this the most under my eyes since it doesn’t settle and become cakey, it just takes care of dark circles like they weren’t even there to begin with!



I wasn’t super impressed with the BB Cream but this concealer is a staple in my makeup bag! I’m definitely going to be sad when it runs out. I’m really curious to try out other products Klairs has to offer, since these two seems very high quality. The only real downside I noticed is that you don’t get a lot of product in these. I’ve only used the both of these under 10 times and it already feels like I’m running out.


I’d love to know, have you tried any Klairs products?

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