DIY Gold and Faux Marble Nightstand

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So this is one of my coolest projects ever but…also one of my biggest fails! Let’s just say, spray paint + a windy day in Michigan does not equal a totally successful project! Since I became addicted to pinning things on Pinterest daily, I’ve naturally become obsessed with the white marble and gold lifestyle I like to pretend I have through my home decor boards so I decided that I simply had to have a faux marble nightstand in my new apartment. This diy is super quick and easy but best of all it’s very budget friendly!

// DIY Gold and Faux Marble Nightstand

Start with a pair of basic nightstands. Choose ones that are metal to begin with or easy to sand, if they’re wood. I used these night stand/side tables by Zinus from Amazon, which are only $25 each and they have a removable top which makes them a perfect candidate for refurnishing. I highly recommend these!



-One or two basic nightstands (Ikea is another good place to look)
Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray in Gold (I highly recommend this brand, it didn’t budge when it dried)
White marble contact paper (I’ve repurchase this particular brand several times)


TOTAL COST FOR THIS PROJECT: $68.46 (for two nightstands)



  1. Unpack the nightstand and remove the tops.
  2. On a day with no wind (learn from my mistake!), spray short even bursts onto all metal legs and structure of the nightstand. You will need at least two coats. It’s important to make sure that the coats are even!
  3. While the legs are drying, cover the wooden tops with contact paper. I just measured approximately by setting the wooden panel on the sheet and cutting around it. Use a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles while applying.
  4. When everything has dried, pop the wooden tops back into the stand.

DIY Gold and Faux Marble Nightstand
I can’t stress how important it is to achieve even coats! Do not spray on a windy day and set down a large tarp wherever you choose to spray to catch any spray droplets. My spray dried fairly quickly but give it at least an hour in between coats to fully set. As you can see, I did not follow this and as a result some of the black base is still showing through!

DIY Gold and Faux Marble Nightstand
I hope you enjoyed this DIY, it makes for a fantastic weekend project if you’re looking to spruce up a room in your house!

I’d love to know, are you as obsessed with gold and white marble as I am?

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