Style Cheat Sheet: Floral Skirts

September 30, 2015Kelly Baum

Style Cheat Sheet: Floral Skirts
So you know those weeks where it’s not quite summer but not quite fall? Well Michigan is right in the middle of that and it means it’s time to pull out my floral midi skirts! These are my favorite to wear at this time of year because it’s really easy to throw a pair of tights on underneath for some extra warmth while still not looking totally ready for cold weather. In short, I just really love to wear long floral skirts right before fall and these are three of my favorite ways to wear one-enjoy this style cheat sheet!

Style Cheat Sheet: Floral Skirts

Style Cheat Sheet: Floral Skirts

Style Cheat Sheet: Floral Skirts
One of my favorite things to do is to combine stripes and floral prints. It’s such a carefree yet fashionable way to create an outfit and I always wear this if I want to look done up but not too done up.

Or, I’ll pair a sleeveless top and chunky heels for a high-fashion look, or I’ll go simple with some pointed pumps and a classic white dress shirt. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a floral skirt.

This skirt in particular, I found on clearance at Kohls a few months ago but here’s a few of my favorites from other shops online:

Lord & Taylor Context Floral Print Skirt
BooHoo Jayne Floral Skirt
Nordstrom Eliza J Floral Print Midi Skirt

Here’s a video where you can see this gorgeous skirt in action:

Thanks for reading + watching,
Kelly xoxo

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