Blogging Tips: How to Increase Pinterest Followers

Blogging Tips: How to Increase Pinterest Followers
So over the past two months I’ve grown more than 300 Pinterest followers. Now I know that may not seem like much, but my deeper statistics are much more impressive: over 370,000 monthly viewers, over 12,000 average daily viewers, and more. Having a large reach is just as important as the number of followers that sits on your profile page. So here’s my best tips on how to increase Pinterest followers:

1. Start pinning at least 50 pins per day
No one wants to follow someone who only pins every once and a while-the more active you are, the bigger your reach, and the more people who will follow you.

2. Pin items from the “Popular” page
This is a good little cheat for Pinterest-pin pictures that already have 5,000+ repins because those are very popular images and are more likely to get repinned from your boards and increase your reach. The Popular section is by far the one that I repin the most items from and what gets repinned the most from me. So trust me, start pinning a ton from that section!

3. Sign up for the Pinterest business account
It’s very easy and free to do this but what the Pinterest business account does is it gives you access to all kinds of analytics: what’s been most repinned from your blog, your most popular boards, and how many impressions your pins are getting. Sign up for access to these analytics and start using them to formulate a game plan.

4. Start following other popular Pinners in your niche
If you’re a nail blogger, start following other high-profile nail art pinners. You can take a look at their strategy like how often they’re pinning, how they’re organizing their boards, etc. If they have so many followers, clearly they’re doing something right so take notes!

5. Change the descriptions on everything you pin or repin
Think about it-are you more likely to pin something that says “@Lauren this is SO you!” or “5 easy ways to apply liquid eyeliner”. Start looking at the descriptions of pins and thinking of a more clever or eye-catching way to describe what it is you’re pinning. While Pinterest is primarily an image-driven site, the text still matters!

So there you have it! That’s what I do pretty much every day to grow my Pinterest followers at a realistic pace. I hope you gained some insight and go forth to pin things!

Thanks for reading,
Kelly xoxo

Kelly Baum

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Kelly Baum is the founder of A Thing of Beauty, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog founded in April 2011. Kelly is a designer and photographer and freelancer in her spare time.


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