Three Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Vanity Space!

July 13, 2015Kelly Baum

Three Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Vanity Space!
I hope you’re ready to be inspired because today we’re chatting about easy ways to redecorate your vanity and upgrade it to a new chic space! My little area was looking a little dull as of late so I whipped out my organizing skills and decorated my space, all for under $20! I also found some things I didn’t use, like this peel and stick wallpaper collection that could have been great for the project to add a flash of color! However, I love the matte look of my walls right now, so instead the first thing I did was buy a $10 thread on Amazon (I found this idea on Pinterest!) and hung it on the wall with my trust Command strips and I am so happy with the result. Previously my jewelry was hanging off a mirror on my dresser and now it’s all organized and perfectly arranged. And it makes for the perfect art work above my vanity! Here’s the rest of the ways I redecorated:

Three Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Vanity Space!

Chic cups and vases are such a great way to update your vanity! Michael’s is usually my go-to for small vases, or I’ll grab some ribbon and tie it around a cup for a quick look. I love to display my brushes or lip pencils, they just look so pretty displayed out on top of my vanity! I stick to two or three cups/vases total, any more and it starts to look cluttered or overdone!


Three Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Vanity Space!
Finally, every chic vanity needs an equally chic mirror! I believe I found this one for under $15 at Ikea but you can search antique stores, Home Goods, they all have inexpensive mirrors that would add a great touch to your vanity space! And of course, displaying your favorite perfumes, lip sticks, and body sprays around your mirror makes it all the more elegant.

Here’s the products I could find links too as well as some similar pieces-happy shopping!


I’d love to know what you think, how do you decorate your vanity?

Thanks for reading,
Kelly xoxo

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